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Ohio has made steady progress in adopting student-centered education policies and should continue to move forward. The state has adopted meaningful teacher evaluations that elevate the teaching profession. State policy requires districts to exit ineffective teachers.  Unfortunately, tenure can still serve as a driving factor in layoff decisions.  Similarly, teacher compensation is not based on teacher effectiveness. Ohio empowers parents through numerous publicly funded school options, including a robust scholarship program and public charter schools. The state must focus on improving charter school quality, however. Rather than maintain arbitrary restrictions on charter school growth, the state must implement its strong accountability system and close the loophole that allows bad operators to switch authorizers. Also, by continuing to improve charters’ access to comparable funding and facilities, Ohio parents will have greater access to quality public school choices. Finally, the state should develop a systemic approach to intervene in academically distressed districts across the state in order to streamline accountability and improve student outcomes.

State Momentum

In 2013, Ohio adopted a new funding formula that provides more resources to students with greater needs. The funding formula also helps provide greater funding equity to students who attend public charter schools. The state expanded scholarship opportunities for low-income families, and established a system to link expenditures to student outcomes, giving policymakers and parents better information about how resources are used to increase student achievement.

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